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When painting becomes emotion

After her various professional experiences in the field of communication and then in early childhood, Joëlle Darmon, artist-painter-plastician, devotes herself to painting, taking as her theme nature and in particular the seas and oceans.

Joëlle Darmon has been passionate about drawing and painting since she was a child and has been practising this art since she was a teenager. Self-taught and free in her artistic approach at the beginning, this artist later refined her techniques with art teachers and talented painters.
Encouraged by her friends and family, she presented her work at exhibitions and fairs in Haute-Garonne, the department where she lives, and then in Provence, the favourite place of great painters.
After studying languages and tourism, Joëlle Darmon began working in communications. Her love of painting persists. Her tastes became clearer and it was the birth of her daughter that was to be her source of inspiration and motivation.
The artist decides to favour the acrylic technique and creates paintings around the sea, childhood, flora, Provence and Africa.
“My numerous trips to the Mediterranean basin, my taste for painting, expressionist, fauvist arouses in me the pleasure of painting nature, the sea, Provence.
Why Africa? I like to transcribe its warmth and luminosity through painting. The warm colours are then given pride of place in the landscapes, the population, the fauna and the flora”, underlines Joëlle Darmon.

Light and emotions.

Always in search of emotions, the artist mixes colours with different materials such as sand, quartz or gels to give them relief and vibrations.
Today, Joëlle Darmon devotes herself entirely to painting. Her aspirations go towards semi-abstract painting where her different themes combine creativity and sensitivity.
She always uses mixed techniques and adds to acrylics certain materials that give her works the light and emotion that are the true signatures of an artist like no other!
Joëlle Darmon participates in various exhibitions, exhibited her paintings in a Parisian gallery located in the Marais last December and in April 2020 will be present at the renowned Artoulouse exhibition.