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Her intention stimulates the imagination, makes the spectator want to travel to the heart of landscapes without borders, to meet people and animals… A delightful world that she invites us to preserve. 

Her gesture requires method but assumes the chance and the unforeseen. The artist works with mixed techniques for more freedom in her practice. Acrylics, pigments, inks, effect paints such as stained glass and ceramics, modeling paste, mortars, collage, resin, clay, sand, quartz powder, gels, gold, silver and copper leaf are mixed on the canvas. With the help of spalters, knives, brushes and paintbrushes, and in a perpetual movement, when the line is not figured, the form of coloured, intertwined or autonomous abstract entities combine to take on the desired density, relief and transparency. The canvas is constructed by superimposing layers, deliberately allowing the unexpected to operate on the surface.

“I like to work with colour and matter. They unite, repel each other, burst, crackle, transcribing atmospheres of calm and serenity.

The particularly radiant tones are balanced with harmony by perfectly integrating the motifs and the background. Joëlle paints instinctively and spontaneously, structuring her compositions according to her emotions, without support or model, sometimes from her own photos.

She is inspired by reality and moves away from it towards a semi-abstract approach, letting the progressive process of fragmentation colonise the canvas.

Her plastic vocabulary bears witness to a diversity of subjects that reconnect with the original nature and participate in the questioning of the cycle of life. His desire to feel the force of the elements and its repercussions on humanity is part of his approach.

“My inspiration will be triggered by a report on nature, the seas and oceans, space, fauna and flora, a city, a country admired during my travels.

African landscapes, underwater depths, portraits, megalopolises… The urban and the rural rub shoulders towards a drift that becomes freedom.

Joëlle Darmon’s work offers an open perspective towards a living form of the marvellous. She questions the capture of the sensitive, creates a space where the gaze, emotion and reflection mingle. The awakening to a certain awareness with regard to her subjects is done with poetry and optimism. This gateway to projection allows us to identify with his work and to question ourselves about the future of the environment.

“I invite the viewer to admire the wonders of nature with a message: to not forget our responsibility towards it and to protect it as much as possible.

Canoline Critiks . Journalist – art critic